Robert Porter’s Job Coach Services

Navigating the job market can be overwhelming, but with the right guidance, your dream job is within reach. Trust in Robert's years of expertise and unique approach to unlock your true potential.

Services Offered

Listed below are the 4 services Robert Porter offers to clients.

1. One-on-One Coaching Sessions

Embarking on a job hunt or contemplating a career shift? Robert offers personalized one-on-one coaching sessions meticulously tailored to your specific career aspirations.

During these intimate sessions, Robert taps into his vast HR and job market experience to deliver actionable strategies. From mastering the art of crafting impactful resumes to acing challenging interviews, he equips you with the tools and confidence to not only stand out but shine in the job market.

Robert's empathetic approach ensures that every concern, query, or ambition you have is addressed, making your path clearer and goals attainable.

2. Career Assessment & Personal Branding

In today's saturated job market, standing out is imperative. Robert's Career Assessment & Personal Branding service is designed to help you introspect, identify, and communicate your unique value proposition.

He conducts a comprehensive evaluation to understand your strengths, weaknesses, and potential areas of growth. With this newfound self-awareness, Robert assists you in building a magnetic personal brand, one that resonates with potential employers and positions you as a must-have asset.

Whether you're starting out or looking to redefine your professional image, this service provides the clarity and branding edge you need.

3. Job Market Insights & Strategy

The job market is ever-evolving, and navigating it requires a deep understanding and strategic approach.

Robert leverages his extensive insights into the contemporary job market, accumulated over years of industry immersion, to guide you.

Through this service, you're provided with up-to-date advice on burgeoning industries, roles best suited to your skill set, and emerging opportunities that align with your aspirations.

By arming you with these insights, Robert ensures that you're not just another job seeker but a well-informed candidate ready to seize the right opportunities.

4. Transitioning Careers

Pondering a shift to a new career or industry? Such transitions, while exciting, come with their fair share of challenges.

Robert's specialized service in transitioning careers is designed to make this shift seamless.

He offers expert guidance on how you can effectively leverage your existing skills in new roles, ensuring you're not starting from scratch but capitalizing on your past experiences.

By analyzing the industry you're venturing into, understanding its nuances, and strategizing accordingly, Robert helps you transition with confidence, ensuring your previous expertise isn't just recognized, but celebrated.

Why Choose Robert Porter as Job Coach?

Robert Porter
Robert Porter

Considering a career transformation? Robert Porter stands out as a trusted job coach, and here's why:

  • Over a decade of experience in the HR industry and job coaching.
  • Founder of Sell Out Your Soul, a leading job guidance platform.
  • Proven track record of clients achieving career success.
  • Personalized approach ensuring you don't just find a job, but a career where you thrive.


  • Standard Package: $250/session
  • Premium Package: $400/session (includes personal branding & market insights)
  • Ultimate Career Package: $600/session (All-inclusive with additional follow-ups)

How to get started?

Please reach out via my contact form or send an email to [email protected] detailing your needs. I aim to respond within 5 business days, but due to my busy schedule, responses may occasionally take longer.