LinkedIn Checklist: 1-hour video training to help you land interviews

This is a one-hour mini-course that gives you a 10-point LinkedIn checklist for getting interviews and making the most out of LinkedIn’s incredible job-matching capabilities.

I’ve been using LinkedIn for 10+ years and get a few job offers every month. 

I also work as a hiring manager at a large software company. I’ll show you very practical things that recruiters and employers are looking for based on my personal experience interviewing and hiring people on my team.

You’ll learn: 

  • How to make your LinkedIn profile extremely searchable 
  • Little tricks to get you in front of employers
  • 3 types of content to share on your profile that makes you much more credible when employers look at your profile before an interview
  • A 10-point LinkedIn checklist to tune your profile up

Get this video training inside my career bundle which includes my ebook, resume template, and bonus resources. Read more here.