About Robert Porter

Robert Porter
Robert "Rusty83" Porter

Born in the vibrant neighborhoods of Chicago, Robert's fascination with the bustling world of work began as he watched the diverse range of professionals making their mark in the city.

Robert attended the University of Chicago, where he majored in Business and Communications. His college years deepened his interest in the job market, its nuances, and the challenges people faced while finding the right career fit. Also during these years, he received his nickname "Rusty83" by his fellow students.

Starting off in human resources at a renowned Chicago firm, Robert got a firsthand look at the intricate dynamics of job placements. His interactions with prospective employees gave him unique insights into their aspirations, fears, and challenges.

Noticing a gap in accessible and holistic job guidance, the idea for 'Sell Out Your Soul' was born. Robert envisioned a platform that didn't just list jobs, but provided insight, advice, and tailored recommendations.

Launched in 2010, Sell Out Your Soul quickly gained traction among job seekers of all backgrounds. From students looking for summer jobs to professionals seeking a career change, Robert's platform offered personalized guidance for all.

Robert Porter is celebrated as a job coach and digital innovator. Residing in Chicago, he's not only stayed true to his roots but has also made an indelible impact on countless careers. 'Sell Out Your Soul' stands as a testament to Robert's commitment to helping everyone find their rightful place in the world of work.

Robert's mantra: "It's not just about finding a job; it's about discovering where your soul truly belongs."