How a reader went from waitressing to a career in 3 months

I often regret calling my book, How to Find a Career With Your Humanities Degree in 126 Days. It kinda sounds like a scam.

But when I wrote the book, I had a plan: I believe 18-weeks (126 days) is all the time any humanities major needs to build the skills to land a full-time career. I spent a lot of time creating a practical plan—with steps for each week and mistakes to avoid.

Thanks to Katherine for sending me this email. She bought my career bundle a few months ago. She did the work and followed my steps. This is how her story turned out:

“I bought your career bundle in December, feeling quite lost and wondering how to get a job with my recent bachelor’s in Theology. It was just what I needed to stop hyperventilating about my future.

I got an internship as a social media writer a month after I got your book, and out of the blue, I got a full-time job as an admin and writer at a surety bonds company about three weeks ago. Even though I was working 24/7 as a waitress, the pace of your book was totally doable. I can’t believe how fast the changes in my resume made me desirable to hire. I feel so satisfied in my job now. So many of the skills I learned in school are finally being put to use.

And god does it feel good to have a health plan and a 401k! Thank you so much! I’m telling all my humanities friends about your book!”

You can learn more about my book and career bundle here. It includes the resume template and advice Katherine used to go from waitressing to a career she loves.

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