7 incredibly useful resume tools

I bloody hate creating, formatting, and proofreading resumes. Below, you’ll find a small collection of resume tools.

Note: I’ve included different options for you to try. I’ve played around with all of these tools. They’re all pretty good. Find one that works for you.

My first choice: ResuMonk

Five summers ago, I was busy enjoying my life and sitting in my office. I checked my LinkedIn and saw an email that led me to where I am right now.

The email was from a recruiter and he wanted me to apply for a position at his company. The company is a cool, global brand. They have one of those Google-like offices and tons of perks.

It was a great new opportunity for me. A dream job, really.

The problem was this. I hadn’t been searching for a job. I loved my company and the work was great. So, this meant that I had to put a resume together right away.

God, I hate Microsoft Word. It’s such a piece of crap. I hate formatting resumes with Word. And from being on the other side of the hiring table, I knew that your resume really needs to be visual and sharp.

That day, I did some searching and found Resumonk.

I love this resume tool.

You can build a resume really fast and I used it that day.

  • It makes your resume look visual and the templates stand out
  • It takes 15 minutes instead of 2 hours in Word
  • Your resume looks WAY better than other candidates

So how did the story end?

I created my resume in about 15 minutes. I got the job. I moved to a different city. And I never spent a minute in Microsoft Word.

Go here to try Resumonk

Other resume tools I’ve found

Uptowork, a popular career site, has a fantastic resume builder. You can use one of their templates—or use the online builder to customize your resume. I also like that you can track whether employers actually read and download your resume. It takes about five minutes to create and send your resume.

Kickresume also makes it easy to create a resume and cover letter. It also has a tool to create a really simple online website.

Already have a LinkedIn profile? Use Standard Resume to turn that info into a resume.

Build a one-page personal website with Resume Builder. Easy to use.

Canva, a free design tool that I use all the time, also has a collection of resume templates. You can customize their templates for free with icons, fonts, and a few backgrounds.

The tool Planted sends you job postings in new fields. The goal is to land you in a non-technical role (such as a marketing coordinator at a start-up) that doesn’t require previous experience. Once you’re planted in a company, you can start to grow and evolve into a better position.

Too special to fit into a traditional resume? Product Hunt has a good collection of alternative ways to sell your skills and connect with employers.

Once you’ve created your resume, you need to find the typos. Use Grammarly to find errors in your cover letter or resume. I use this tool every day. I recommend that you install the Chrome plugin so that you catch errors in emails. I also use the Hemmingway app to destroy complex sentences.

Emailing hundreds of companies with your cover letter? Use Gmail’s Canned Responses feature. For example, I’m trying to sell my Dad’s online masterclass in watercolor painting. I have an email that I wrote to try to get bloggers to write about the course. I use Canned Responses to save my email as a template and then I can just add in a few personal details.

This article explains how to set-up Canned Responses in Gmail. Short answer: Gmail > Settings > Labs and then search for “Canned Responses.”

How do you answer “what’s your greatest weakness?” in an interview? How many years back should the experience section of your resume cover? Do you really need a cover letter? This tool has a solid collection of common questions and insightful answers to job hunting questions.

Stalking your dream company? Use this tool to get a notification when they update their careers page. That way, you can be the first to find new job postings and worm your way in the door.

Want my personal resume template?

I’ve used it to land my dream job at a global brand. My personal resume template is included in my Career Bundle. You get my eBook, a 7-part video course on selling your skills to employers, and my resume template. Give it the old college try here.

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