How to Make a Career in Investment Copywriting for Penny Stocks

I received an email from a guy named Hanson. He wanted to share some tips for humanities majors looking for jobs. The article he sent me was too interesting to not publish. I  personally know nothing about penny stocks. But this article is so good and the step-by-step tips for cold emailing to land that first job are brilliant and would work in other industries. Hanson, take it away my friend . . . 

If you have your series 7 or any brokerage license, please click the top back button on your browser or Alt-F4.

Investment writing in the penny stocks field is not for those with professional licenses.

This is why there’s a huge opportunity for you, a humanities major, to enter in.

A lot of people who enter this industry did not go to a formal college. They hustled as sales guys in boiler rooms, pushed penny stocks, and eventually they moved up the ranks. Back in the day, telemarketers would cold call potential customers.

As they gathered enough knowledge, they struck out on their own and created their own alert site to showcase the list of best penny stocks that they’re aware about. These days the effective way to push penny stocks is by email to investors.

I will be showing you how to find these penny stock newsletter guys.

How much can you earn on an average newsletter?

An average newsletter is 500 to 1000 words long. You will spend about 2 hours researching facts and data. Don’t worry, I show you where to find everything. You can get paid $500 to $1,000 for one email or up to $2,000 for a week series.

You need to be good at writing in a persuasive, factual, technical manner.

Why are these Penny Stock company willing to pay so much?

Every time they send out a newsletter to their email list of 10,000+ investors, they can make $10,000 to $20,000 when people purchase the stock they’re recommending! This is because they are getting paid by advertisers a fee to raise awareness about their company.

How to find the companies to contact

1. Go to Google and type “penny stock newsletter”. 

You can try various combinations such as:

  • penny stock newsletter
  • hot penny stock newsletter
  • top penny stocks
  • best penny stock list

2. Copy each url in green, and do a whois look up on it

Type the url into Godaddy’s Whois Tool.

You will get the result below:

It will have a godaddy protection thing. Doesn’t matter. Emails that go to this address will go straight to their email.

3. Write your email to them



I don’t want to put the template in plain text, since if everyone uses the exact same one, these guys will become non responsive to them! I want those who actually want to take action, to manually write this out.

4. Download email open tracking to track if the person is opening your email or not.

URL:Get Sidekick

If you see them opening your email and they don’t reply, you can follow up. It usually takes 2-3 tries before you can finally win a partnership with a penny stock newsletter owner, since they’re usually really busy. With Sidekick, you can see which subject line is working well and continue to use that. You will need to reach out to about 10-20 people before getting a response, and about 50 people before you get your first long term gig. This will take about one week to do, so not bad at all.

5. The best way to win a job with them is to do a test run for them

If you can give them a test run, and they like it, they will want to pay you for more. They don’t want to take a risk with someone unknown. Usually they write it themselves, but you want to take the burden off of them. If it doesn’t work out well, you can ask to have them be your reference when you try it out for other penny stock newsletter. Sometimes things may not work out due to timing or budget constraints and not necessarily skill. So not a problem, just move on.

How to Write the Penny Stock Newsletter

1. Keep a concise subject line

Usually your subject line will look like: Wed Alert – AARP

You can experiment with different kinds of subject lines too, to see which has a higher open rate:

  • Triple $0.0001 oil play, poised for big gains
  • New Wind Solar Stock Acquires Wind Farm
  • New Pharma Play, with Breakout Indicators

Be very careful never to mention words like “free”, or “guarantee”. Also never mention the word “buy” anywhere. You are not making any recommendations to buy the company. You can be in trouble with the SEC because of this.

2. Include a stock chart

These are good sites to get a chart from:

Include a chart and make commentary regarding the technical details about the stock. Discuss price action, volume, MACD’s, and trends. You want to show readers that this stock could be set up for big gains in the next coming days.

If you want to get better at analysis, I recommend you to look up technical analysis stock charts on Pinterest.

Attribution to


3. Find content on the company is the best site to get factual data on the penny stock company you’re investigating. Also check if has anything on your topic. OTC Markets is really good since you can gather historical data, management team, company’s mission, and any insider sales. You can comment on all of this to come up with a story.

If you guys liked this article, I will write a part 2!

But start with this, and see where it takes you. If you take action today, you will be surprised by what you will find out. I’ve been able to secure my advertisers, and my list of 30,000+ subscribers through just cold emailing like how I taught you. I don’t take on any new writers though, since I have ones that I’ve trained well.

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